A common greeting by people of all ethnic backgrounds for visitors to Nova Scotia is a Gaelic saying of the first Scottish settlers: “Ciad Mile Failte – A Hundred Thousand Welcomes.”

nova_scotiaDiscover the grand shores, rich cultural heritage with warm and inviting people, coupled with scenic beauty, rich heritage and the pulsating culture offer a truly exceptional vacation experience, a seacoast destination like no other. Nova Scotia is known as Canada’s Ocean Playground and is the most easterly point on the North American mainland and one of Canada’s Maritime Provinces. The rolling hills and fertile valleys of the province harmonize the shoreline indented by thousands of bays and inlets containing over 3,800 coastal islands. Nova Scotia is encircled by eleven picturesque travel ways that lead you around the province. Nova Scotia can be travelled in less than a day and never be more than 30 minutes from the sandy beaches, cosmic tidal flats or jagged cliffs of this grandeur seacoast edge.

Nova Scotia possess the most coastal cycling routes anywhere in Canada and over 50 challenging golf courses.Experience the world’s highest

bay_fundyrecorded tides at the Bay of Fundy, measuring 53 feet of vertical water rise, in the world. There are endless choices for hiking or walking – one of best ways to experience the atmosphere. Enjoy the countless trails of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Paddle along the rock gardens and swaying kelp beds of the Northumberland Strait. Attracting a remarkable variety of bird species year round and an impressive summer population of whales. Cruise along the coast, the show is magnificent and the views are awe-inspiring. Embrace the open-air pleasures of Nova Scotia. Fresh salt air, sandy beaches, rustic fishing villages, rocky coves and remote lighthouses combine to create spectacular seascapes. Anything you want, Nova Scotia invites you to experience a vacation filled with lasting memories.